SoulSpace Sessions
Soul Space - Mindful Spiritual Companioning.

Soulspace Sessions

Mindful Spiritual Companioning.
$ 85
Per Hour
  • Available face to face in Tubrid ~Woodsgift, County Kilkenny E41PD71, as well as by zoom, skype or phone.
  • Here you will find unhurried sacred space for you to slow down, discover the Wisdom and Spirit that is within you, and to support you to engage in meaningful and nourishing soul care
  • Much more

What is it?

What can you expect?

Why work with me?


Success Stories from My amazing tribe

  • Multiple Sclerosis Ireland

    Olga Estridge
    ‘Dee is working with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland (MS Ireland) in the role of external supervisor to MS Ireland Case Work Staff. We have had a very positive experience with Dee who demonstrates a great capacity to create a space where case worker can reflect on their practice and explore their role within this often complex work. Dee’s style of reflective listening promotes an atmosphere where the MS Ireland case workers can develop strategies that supports solutions which in turn contributes to good outcomes for people with Multiple Sclerosis and family members. We would have hesitation in recommending Dee as a supervisor.’
  • St Patrick’s Centre

    David Kieran
    ‘Here at St Patrick’s Centre, we are undergoing an enormous transformation, as we transition from a congregated institutional model of care, to a community focused, supported self-directed model, in line with the national policy ‘Time to Move On’. Dee has been hugely instrumental in helping us face the not insignificant cultural and practical challenges associated with such a change process. She has worked with individuals, teams, line and senior managers to support this ongoing process. Dee’s involvement has had a very positive influence on the change process.’ - David Kieran, Operations Manager
  • Traveller Family Care Ireland

    Patricia Dowling
    'Dee showed fantastic insight, has excellent communication and reporting skills and kept everyone on track and up to speed in what was an enormous piece of work.Dee's knowledge and years of experience is second to none. Our organisation is extremely grateful to her for all her hard work , commitment and dedication. Without her input we would not have grown from strength to strength. We have learned so much and have grown from Dee who is a teacher and an enabler who has bestowed on us many gifts.' - Patricia Dowling Director of Services
  • Kilkenny Leader Company

    Declan Rice
    “We have worked with Dee on many community development projects over the last 14 years. She has always been a professional you can trust to get you a result and who works well with different groups of people. Dee also offers very good value for her excellent work.”
  • St Canice’s Community Action Project

    Stephan Byrne
    ‘Her work is highly professional and I have always found her service to be great value for money’

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Why work with me?

The first session is usually for one house and fifteen minutes. This is a time for us to explore if I am the right external support for you, and if my offering of Soul Space Mindful  Spiritual Companioning  is the right match for your particular desires and needs.

What is it?

At times this can leave us feeling stuck or isolated. As we grow in awareness that we are spiritual beings on a human journey  we yearn for this place where our real selves can be revealed, accepted, and grow.

We want a place where our spirit can rest, be nourished, and revived. We long for that safe supportive space where we are allowed and encouraged to  ask the  deeper questions of life and of meaning. We want to experience ourselves as fully alive, we want spiritual nourishment, and community, and we want ritual. We are busy with the stuff of day to day living, and sometimes we are a bit scattered and fragmented – so we want flexibility, availability when we need it, and a warm and non judgmental welcome when we come to our place of support.

In Soul Space Spiritual Companioning   my intention is to create unhurried sacred space for you to slow down, discover the Wisdom and Spirit that is within you, and to support you to engage in meaningful and nourishing soul care. Together we will explore what Wisdom might be saying in your life, not just in your heart or in your longings, but in your relationships, work, events and situations – whether good bad or indifferent. Gradually, you will begin to recognise the Wisdom’s presence and grace in the circumstances of your daily life. You may begin to notice how the Divine spark is within you every day and everywhere. Through Soul Space Spiritual Companioning  you  will discover this sacred space within your particular life whether you are part of any faith tradition, or not. Through our sessions together I will be honoured to hold you ,as you grow in awareness of your own particular spiritual journey.

What can you expect?

During the session, I listen as you share. I may occasionally question, challenge, or support you as appropriate. Ultimately, you will own whatever insights are uncovered, as well as whatever action you might take. We end the session with a short meditation, thanking Wisdom for the sacred space and the support, and asking for continued guidance and blessings in your life.